Cast stone, as you need it


Thorverton Stone porticos enhance the appearance of a property. Their purpose is aesthetic and they have the benefit of adding financial value to your home. We have six standard designs to choose from, each designed to be built with ease. Our beams are reinforced, our columns are solid and load-bearing with no need for extra support, and our coping stones are designed to fit easily on top of the beam.

Choices of Portico – our six standard designs

PDF iconPortico Type A.pdf
PDF iconPortico Type B.pdf
PDF iconPortico Type C.pdf
PDF iconPortico Type D.pdf
PDF iconPortico Type E.pdf
PDF iconPortico Type F.pdf
Curved Porticos - all of the above designs can be made as a curved portico

Your own design porticos.

Download the PDF iconcolumns and pilasters.pdf for details of our columns and information on how to order.

Curved, double columned or different designs of beam and coping, we can manufacture to your design.

Columns & Pilasters

Our columns and pilasters are solid stone and made in one, two or three parts, depending on the overall height required. Each column has a straight section at the bottom, then a tapering section to the top. We are able to vary the heights of the sections so the columns look in proportion.

All columns and pilasters come with plinth stones and capitals as standard.

Choices of Column size:
Shaft size Ø: 180-230mm
Shaft size Ø: 209-246mm
Shaft size Ø: 280-308mm
Shaft size Ø: 310-350mm

Our plinth stones can be varied in height or extra plinth stones made giving additional flexibility in design. Our standard column plinth includes a separate base block and “bun” stone. Capitals are usually made in one piece.

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