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Quoin Stones

Quoin stones are traditionally built into the corners of buildings. They provide detail to the building and are often made in a colour to compliment the brickwork or render. In addition, quoin stones can provide weather protection and strength.
See the further information PDF iconQuoin stones.pdf for help with ordering your quoin stones.

Usually, the quoins are built into the wall as part of the structure. We can make them to fit with any size of brick or block work and also to any "leg" length dimensions required.

We also make “cladding” quoin stones, which are fixed onto the corner after it has been built. The visual effect is the same, but our cladding quoin is not structural.

Choices of Quoin

Return Quoin - the standard type that is built into the wall corner one long side over one short side. They are usually made to fit with brick sizes, e.g. 440mm long leg x 215mm short leg x 215mm high x 102mm thick. (see bottom left & top right photos)

Reveal Quoin - built into the wall as a standard block. Usually used for door and window reveals. They are made to fit with brick sizes and would usually be supplied in two sizes to replicate the effect of return quoins.

Chamfered Quoin - this quoin has a chamfer on the top, bottom and outside leg edges for aesthetic reasons. The chamfer can be on reveal, return or cladding type quoins.

Cladding Quoin - at 50mm thick these quoins are fixed onto the wall after the corner has been finished. If the walls are to be rendered, then fix the quoins before rendering and bring the render upto the chamfer. They are easy to handle and simple to fix using a two-part resin.

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