Cast stone, as you need it

Door Surrounds

Our door surrounds consist of a head, and side jambs. The jambs can be made from quoin stones or in a more traditional style. The door frame then sits inside the stone surround. Our cast stone door surrounds may be used both inside and outside a property, with the stonework seen on one or both sides of the opening. Our door surrounds give strength, security and originality to any building.

Choices of Door Surround

Standard designs – we have four standard designs to choose from with the section detail following right around the surround. See the further information PDF icondoor surrounds.pdf to view the section designs.

Quoin stone surround – usually reveal quoins are used for this purpose with a head style of your choice.

Your own design door surrounds – we are happy to manufacture to your own design if required.

Both opening height and width can easily be varied to suit your door frame requirements on our standard designs.

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