Cast stone, as you need it

Jambs & Mullions

Jambs stones are an integral part of any window or door surround. They are the 'side pillars' that stretch from the cill to the head. Jambs are structural stones giving support the heads (or lintels) and also to the window frame which sits inside them

Mullions are the Vertical stones that separate the 'window lights' and offer a multi-light window the look and feel of a traditional building. The mullion is also used as support to heads and is therefore a load-bearing stone.

Transoms are not to be confused with mullions. Tramsoms are the Horizontal stones that separate 'window lights.' If a 'two-light' window is split top and bottom (rather than left & right), the transom is the stone between them.

We are able to make these stones to take most types of window frame but as they are quite a complex product we always encourage you call and speak to our experts.

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