Cast stone, as you need it


Our cast stone Heads are manufactured to replicate natural stone lintels. Heads are built into a wall immediately above windows, doors and other openings in a wall. Cast Stone heads can be either reinforced* or decorative. *Reinforced heads are capable of taking the weight from above like a structural lintel, whereas decorative heads require an additional structural lintel to sit behind them. All our heads are reinforced and load bearing as standard.

We manufacture several different designs of head to choose from, and once structural factors have been accounted for, the choice is mainly an aesthetic one. See the further information PDF iconHeads.pdf sheet for further guidance and details on how to order your heads.


Choices of Head

Standard heads - faced front and soffit with drip groove cast in. Section sizes usually equate to the brick or block work being used, but we are able to manufacture any size you require.

Keystone heads – our keystones are integral to the head and can be made to suit your requirements. We are also able to make a separate keystone if required. Our keystones can be cast into any of our head designs.

Splayed end head– the angle of splay can be made to your requirements. A splayed end can be cast into any of our head designs.

Arched heads – these can be made to any radius and can have an integral keystone if wished. There are different designs of Thorverton Stone arched head, see the further information for more detail.

*Please use an independent structural engineer to verify the loading our standard reinforcement will bear. If you require greater reinforcement, just let us know in advance.

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