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Band Course

Thorverton Stone band course is usually incorporated into a building as a band of stone that surrounds the structure. Its purpose is mostly aesthetic, often used to break up a monotonous expanse of brickwork. Bandcourses are often linked in to the heads and match the lintel design. This may be a very plain design or a decorative design of your choice.

See the further information PDF iconbandcourse.pdf for design ideas and guidance on how to order.

The string course stones can be made as either a build-in stone or a cladding stone depending on fixing methods. Call us to discuss fixing options.

Choices of Band Course

Plain design – such as a rectangular flat faced block that sits flush with the brickwork. (see top right photo)

Decorative design – such as a moulded faced rectangular block that sits proud from the brickwork a little. (see bottom two photos)

Dentil band course – a castellated effect that sits on its side (see top left photo)

Your own design – send us detailed drawings for us to make the stones to your requirements.

Band courses can be incorporated into window and door surrounds or other features in the building.

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