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Balustrading is decorative stonework to be used in many places around a building or landscape. From roof tops to portico tops or patio edges to garden steps. Our stone balustrading is a value-adding item enhancing the appearance of your property.

See our further information PDF iconbalustrading.pdf for help with ordering your balustrading.

Thorverton Stone Balustrading is made up of several pieces of cast stone. The baluster, or bottle, is the upright piece, which stands on the plinth stone underneath. The baluster is then topped with a coping stone to finish off. A pier, (square upright stone) will be required at given intervals for visual impact and strength, which will be topped by a pier cap. The pier cap design would usually match the coping stone design.

Height is often a factor when designing your balustrading, and extra height can be gained through placing a second plinth stone at the bottom, or varying the height of a single layer of plinth. We are also able to vary the height of some designs of coping stone, giving extra flexibility of design. If you are subject to the building regulations’ *“100mm sphere rule.” This will affect the position, type and number of balusters required.

*Please refer to the Building Regulations part K for a detailed guide to the 100mm sphere rule and the height restrictions. This can be found at

Choices of Balustrading

We have several designs of baluster, coping and plinth. Most designs can be put together so the choice is either a personal one or guided by the “100mm sphere rule.” See the further information PDF iconbalustrading.pdf sheet for more detail of Balustrading.

Your own design – we will happily try to replicate existing Balustrading that you may have, or make up a new design of your choice.

We also cater for slopes such as steps, and curves - even if the radius is not constant.

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