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Pointing mix instructions

Pointing Mix Instructions

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Lay the stones with an ordinary mortar and leave the joints raked out to a depth of approx
10mm – 15mm
For the pointing mix:
• Mix pointing material supplied with white or grey cement* (see chart below) at 5:1 ratio (5
parts pointing material to 1 part cement)
• Mix approximately 1 part waterproof PVA to 5 parts water and use this to wet the pointing
• Wet the mixture so it only just holds together when compressed in your hand. Do not add
too much water as this will result in the mixture looking a much lighter colour than the stone.
- a normal bricklaying mortar is far too wet
• When pointing, use a small tool (small enough to fit into the joint) and pack the mix into
the joints tightly. Trowel smooth and leave to dry. Shade from strong sunlight and rain

Pointing mix Colour  (written on the bag)

Cement to use:
Which type of cement to use in your pointing mix
B1; CL3; CL5; P1 White Cement (Snowcrete)
G1; Red 7; (BL - all) Ordinary Portland (grey) cement