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Coping Stones

Coping stones are used to cap free standing walls. They protect the wall from weather damage as well as giving an aesthetically pleasing finish. They will often match the style and butt up to our pier caps.

Download our further information PDF iconcopingstones.pdf for guidance on ordering your coping stones. Here you will find detailed information about corners and returned ends, which are made to order to save you time.

We manufacture three main types of coping stone, all of which can be made to a variety of widths and lengths. Tell us the width of your wall and we will suggest a suitable width of coping.

We also have different designs available within the three main types. See the further information PDF iconcopingstones.pdf for details of our standard designs, or send us a detailed drawing so we can make your own design for you.

Choices of Coping Stone

Twice weathered Coping – with a ridge in the top middle to allow water to flow off both sides. Usually used on garden walls or Balustrading, where the water run off does not need to be directed in a specific direction. See the PDF iconcopingstones.pdf for information on ordering corners and returned ends.

Once weathered Coping – sloping one way only, these coping stones are often used for walls at the top of buildings. The slope would usually be directed inwards towards the building allowing the water to run off into internal guttering. See the further information PDF iconcopingstones.pdf for details on how to order corners and returned ends for once weathered coping.

Flat Coping – often, but not exclusively, used on gable ends of buildings where the runoff is catered for by the slope of the roof. Our flat coping can have a chamfer on each top edge for extra appeal if required.

Apex and kneeler stones for gable end roofs are manufactured to any angle required.

Curved Coping - We are able to manufacture coping stones for curved walls to almost any radius, even if the wall is not to a constant radius. The curve may be in a horizontal or a vertical plane. All designs can be made to a curve.

Your own design – if you have your own design in mind, let us know. We are always happy to help.

All our coping stones would normally be made wider than the wall it is capping by approximately 50mm each side. They will also have drip grooves cast into the bottom to steer the water away from the wall.

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