Cast stone, as you need it

Self Builders

If you are a self builder or DIYer, read on ....

  • We're here to help
  • We love your designs
  • We know Cast Stone really well - and we'd love you to use it!

Humble Beginnings:

Thorverton Stone Company started life manufacturing small quantities of cast stone for people who needed special sizes or dimensions of particular items – often window cills or short runs of coping stones for instance. No order was too small or too specialised and each and every customer received personal attention no matter what their cast stone requirements.

At Your Service:

The company has grown considerably since those days, but we still offer the exact same attentive and friendly service to the self-builder and DIY enthusiast. If you have a single window cill that needs replacing or need two pier caps for a new gateway, we are always at your service.

Mix or Match:

Each stone is manufactured from a mould. Whilst we hold many standard designs for the more common items, we are very happy to try and match an existing item you may have – balustrading or a keystone head for instance.

Colour me up:

We manufacture a wide range of colours in our stone, mostly replicating natural stone from around the UK – See our colour chart here. However, if you have a more unusual colour or need to try and match an existing item, let us know and send us a sample, we’ll do our best to help.

From us to you:

Cast stone is heavy and needs to be packed carefully for its journey. That’s why all our cast stone is delivered on pallets and transported by lorry or van.

The lorry will be able to unload onto hard standing using a pallet truck, but will not be able to move the pallet any distance once on the ground.

If we deliver in our van, then a forklift may be used (if you happen to have one!) but otherwise you will need to provide the hands and muscle to hand off-load.

If you have the means, you are welcome to collect from our yard. We are happy to load by hand or forklift truck. Just remember, you might need a strong friend to help unload when you get home!

Money Money Money:

Before you order, we provide a free, detailed, no-obligation quote for you. Once everyone is satisfied with the dimensions, quantities and colour, we do ask for 25% of the order value before manufacture commences. A final invoice (for the outstanding amount) will be sent on delivery. Our usual terms are payment within 10 days of delivery.

How Long?

Every stone is made to order and each one requires a minimum time to cure. Handle it too early and damage will almost certainly ensue. Give it a little time and well, it’ll be like stone! Your detailed quote will give you a delivery time and it's always best to get us involved ealy.

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