Cast stone, as you need it


Solid in building relationships, flexible with design

Freedom in design:

We offer the Architect freedom to design whatever fits with each new project. Our speciality is bespoke architectural cast stone, whether it is individual pieces or runs of non-standard size items such as individually sized window or door surrounds.

We also offer a unique service of manufacture with pioneering materials and processes if required. We’re always excited to work on new projects, so do get in touch and talk your ideas through.

Finishes and colours to inspire:

Manufacturing in the semi-dry and the wet-cast methods, our stone can be finished in many different ways. From the standard no-blemish to lightly etched, from brushed to chiselled to fully exposed aggregate or polished, let us know your needs and we’ll deliver the finish you want.

By using specially selected aggregates, cement and pigments, we can produce a colour that will look fantastic. Whether it is to match an existing item or to fit with a whole new theme, the colour choice is yours.


Architects are welcome to send design drawings to us in CAD format and we are always ready to help in any way we can with delivering CAD drawings of specific products back to you.

Products that fit:

All our stone is made to measure, compliant with UKCSA tolerance standards.

Structural Integrity:

Where our cast stone is to be used in a structural capacity we are happy to work with architects and their structural engineers to ensure the correct re-inforcement is used in each stone. Equally, we can organise an independent structural engineer to help calculate load and re-inforcing requirements if necessary. All structural and re-inforcing calculations will have to be signed-off by the architect before we manufacture any cast stone items.

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