Cast stone, as you need it

Pier Caps are the stones that cap piers, or gate pillars. They can be a cap on their own, or be a base for a ball finial, light or other feature to stand on. They are used to protect the pier from weather damage, as well as please the eye. They are also used for Balustrading piers.

See the further information piercaps-1.pdf for help with ordering your pier cap.

Our pier caps are usually manufactured to be wider than the pier they fit. The amount of extra width depends on the design, but approximately 50mm on all four sides at the bottom edge is normal. The overall width may exceed this, depending on design.

Choices of Pier Caps

Standard Pier Cap – weathered four ways with straight sides.

Classic Pier Cap – weathered four ways on top with curved detail bottom half.

Moulded Pier Cap - weathered four ways on top with moulded-to-straight detail bottom half.

Heritage Pier Cap - weathered four ways on top with curved to straight detail bottom half and an extra detail on the bottom edge.

Swept Pier Cap – weathered four ways but each weathering swept up to form a platform for a ballfinial.

Ball Finial Pier Cap (BF 1) – The base, column and ball are all one piece. This pier cap comes in one size only (380mm sq at base) - click on the title to see a picture and dimensions

Ball Finial Pier Cap (BF 2) - The base and square neck are made as one piece but the ball is separate. The base and neck are available in one size only (380mm sq at base), but the choice of a 225mm or 300mm diameter ball is yours.

Your own design  – we will try to reproduce an existing pier cap you have or make one to your design if you wish. Please send detailed drawings with dimensions for us to quote from then allow time for mould work should you wish to order.

We are able to manufacture pier caps for almost any shape and size pier, except for the Ball Finial pier caps. See our further information piercaps-1.pdf for our designs and more detail.

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